Third Eye Guide is a guide to alternative living. We explore the world and ourselves through creativity, mindfulness, sustainability and travel. Third Eye Guide is about bringing together conscious individuals to form a community. We believe creativity and innovation is the way to a brighter future and a better world.

Are we crazy tree huggers trying to create a utopian world?  YES!

What should you expect to see? Anything Quirky, off beat and off grid.


Create Change is a social awareness project encouraging artists and activists to make creative works in response to current global issues. The action based movement #createchange gives power back to the people, allows self-expression, unites individuals and brings positive voices into the community.

We believe art has the power to influence great change, our artworks are drops in the ocean, creating ripple effects for the greater good.

Create change is currently supporting the Stop Adani Campaign. Adani is an Indian mining corporation proposing to dig a giant coalmine in the Galilee basin, Queensland. The Carmichael coal mine will cause further stress to the world heritage listed and endangered Great Barrier Reef.

The Adani mine is not a sustainable project, financially or environmentally. During this time our Earth needs protecting, fortunately we have the technology to produce clean energy and we have passionate people who care about the future of this planet. Let’s shift our focus to renewable and sustainable alternatives, let’s get creative and be the change makers for our generation.