May 31, 2017
June 30, 2017



“Behind every great woman is a great pair of boots”– said me


I’m not a winter girl myself, but one of the perks of these frosty days is that my footwear options are limited too,!

The very act of sliding on my favourite pair is an exciting part of my morning routine, which puddles or pathways will they lead to? Perhaps a secret garden? Yes, a pair of shoes can evoke a sense of enchantment, mystery and add fantasy to your day.



I’m often moving around and seem to transition through my wardrobe regularly, with lots of trips to and fro the second hand store. While I am happy to go through styles and forget about dresses past, I always hold onto a good pair of boots; they are more than protectors of toes, they’re a handy friend, a companion.



I don’t think I am alone in having an emotional attachment to my best boots, many of my friends share this joy, in fact I believe our love of boots makes them a sustainable fashion item.  While other trends come and go they hold their own, standing firmly on the ground through passing seasons, all the while remaining versatile.  


As the old saying ‘Theses boots are made for walking” rings true, they also love to dance, climb trees and sit by the fire at night under the stars. 



In Harry Potter all of the character’s wands are made unique to them and assist to bring out their natural talents. Coming into winter I invested in the perfect pair of boots tailor made to fit by experienced boot makers Duo Boots. Boot buying is a serious matter, it’s a commitment. Are you suited to one another? Do you like the same activities? Do they inspire you?  



I chose my pair from their Heritage Collection, a range of customer favourites from the past decade (safe bet if people are requesting them back on the shelves). It’s not always easy to find shoes to fit my large feet on stick legs, but proportions weren’t an issue as my boots were a match made in heaven.  All Duo Boots are available in 21 calf sizes.  I couldn’t be happier, not only do they fit my foot but also my lifestyle – it’s safe to say we have bonded.



Do your boots help you access superpowers? Turn the mundane into the ultimate adventure? If you don’t currently have yourself a pair, side effects could include loneliness, pining for adventure, blisters or at worst cold feet! That’s no way to live, join the boot crew, all the modern day Princesses are… glass slippers are so restricting, boots and ball gowns, it’s a thing!