October 6, 2017

Shapes In The Sand- Return to Neptune


I recently heard an amazing audio piece by Hollywood funnyman Jim Carey speaking of our true nature as human beings, he put it simply, we are nature. It seems silly to say, but I think we humans get ahead of ourselves and forget, that we too grow organically and stem from small cells like fellow natural organisms. Our ego and mind create illusions that we are separate from the world around us.

Carey explains, that we perceive a wave as a separate entity of the ocean, rather is it also the ocean….therefore are we not the ocean? With a holistic view of our ecosystem, we begin treating our external world as we would treat ourselves. Being conscious of our impact on our environment, feeling both its joy and suffering. We have much to learn from indigenous cultures around the world, from naturalists and pagans whose belief systems are centred on the premise that our land is sacred. Practising rituals and respecting the earth, keeps humans in harmony with the elements, making for better functioning communities and a sustainable future for life on earth.



With a rise of mental health issues, people are left feeling lost and disconnected. Although we are hyper-connected online, have we lost touch with the natural world? The wild parts of ourselves. While prescription drugs are used to treat our moods and behavioural management, could we replace western medicine with a walk in the park? A swim in the ocean, sitting quietly in the forest soothed by the fresh air and sounds of singing birds?


It is a common romantic fantasy to find the perfect partner, who enjoys long walks on the beach. Together you will follow the setting sun, leaving behind a trail of footprints in the sand. I also share this romantic notion but I’m quite happy and usually prefer to walk along the shoreline alone. A walking meditation, in fact, I don’t feel alone, I am completely immersed by the greatness of the natural world, the ebb and flow of the ocean, its turbulence and chaos marrying with the graceful flow of water.



Observing the yin and yang of life. Just as our fellow human folk speak to us, The Ocean is also communicating, as is the rest of the universe. Are we paying attention? This doesn’t mean focusing until your head hurts, rather just taking a moment to look the out window and give appreciation to a nearby tree.



If you follow my blog or know me personally I frequently mention mermaids and mythical creatures, quite obsessed with the deep blue and its associations with the subconscious. Perhaps it’s in my Pisces nature, but I regularly imagine one day returning to the kingdom of Neptune. Until then I find peace by the water, getting my hair salty and being a voice for the creatures beneath the waves and the body of water itself. My journey and interest in environmental activism has led me to fellow eco-warriors, lovers of the outdoors and conscious humans who have no boundaries between themselves and the external world.



There are so many earth fairies doing their part to preserve mother earth, I resonate strongly with Australian swimwear company Shapes in the Sand whose designs reflect the unique Australian landscape. Their products are made from recycled materials found in our oceans, such as fishing nets. The conscious company was born from the playfulness and exploration which coincides with getting back to nature, offering girls a sense of freedom and authenticity. I enjoyed a perfect day of solitude on the beach wearing their Waterangel one piece, decorated with scales, I felt closer to my life as a mermaid in a parallel universe.



Shapes in the Sand’s current collection The Girl and The Sea encompasses the soul’s need to become the ocean once again, return to Neptune.

If you are an ocean devotee or just a girl who likes the sea, by supporting Shapes in the Sand you are vicariously helping keep our oceans clean and our beaches fashionable. With each swimsuit sold Shapes in the Sand donates $15 to Australian Marine Debris Initiative, Tangaroa Blue. Looks good on you, Looks good on the ocean.

In conclusion here’s a fun word, you will probably never use in a sentence.




Head to @thirdeyeguide or @shapesinthesound on Instagram to find out how you could win yourself a pair of Shapes In The Sand swimmers, just in time for summer!